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Dear BRMS Families:

It has been an extremely busy twenty hours at Browns River School. Yesterday we celebrated four years of work for our departing 8th grade students. Our students spent the afternoon dancing and eating pizza on the Spirit of Ethan Allen. In the evening they participated in the Recognition Night Ceremony and one final party before we sent them off to MMU. It was a wonderful day and we want to wish our students the best of luck as they begin their high school Journey.

Today our students spent the day outside playing games and activities as they countdown to summer break. We had a great day relaxing and ending our year with boundless positive energy!

Thank you for supporting our students and staff throughout our entire year of school! Have a safe and relaxing summer with your friends and family.


Watch Recognition Night here!

Recognition Night

Recognition Night

Spirit of Ethan Allen Boat Trip

Spirit of Ethan Allen Boat Trip

Revegetation Area and a New Trail and Knotweed Removal

By Team Couloir students Kyran McNulty, Hadley Brinegar, Blake Bentley, Oliver Wilcox,

Garrett Ford, Logan Cichanowski, Jacob Genter, Kelsey Glanz, Jackson Brown, Brayden Pearcy-Blowers

Please Notice The Signs:
Signs are hung up around the trails along the river telling people where you can and can't go, If the signs tell you to stay off the trail then listen to what it says because if just you walk on that path it might not do much but if you go on it everyone else will and that can harm the wildlife in the browns river, so you should listen to what the sins say because it helps a lot to stay of the old trails.

Be mindful of the new plantings(chokecherry). The new plantings help control erosion and promote new roots.

Please Avoid the Old Path:
You need to avoid the old path because some of the old paths are eroding in the river and it is killing the wild life including the fish and if one thing in a food chain or food web dies then the whole food web will die and things won't be able to reproduce.

How You Can Help:
You can help by avoiding the old path and telling other people to avoid it too, you can help by pulling knotweed and not ripping plants like ferns out of the ground. You can also remind people that putting things like plants and branches into the river could make an obstacle for the wildlife and it might harm them. Another thing you can look out for is frog and other animal eggs.Normally the eggs are laid on dead branches, fallen trees or on the bottom of leaves.

What is Knotweed and How to Remove it:
Knotweed is a bamboo-like plant that grows best in full sun. Knotweed is found by river beds and banks, roadsides, and woodland edges. Knotweeds grow from the stem and spread incredibly fast, it can grow under obstacles and is incredibly resilient and independent. It is important to pull out knotweed soon after contamination because of its fast reproduction. It is very important to dig the root out.

What Not to do with Knotweed:
Knotweed is a plant that is not very good for the river.

If you pull out a piece of knotweed, do not throw it in the river, it will go down the river until it hits the river side. After that it will plant its seeds and then grow and do its thing which is to get the river bank loose. Knotweed has a ton of seeds at the top of the plant in the Fall so it's very easy to grow. If you do find a knotweed that was just pulled out please throw it away in the trash.

Revegentation Area

If you see this sign please follow what is says.

Bamboo But Grows by River Beds

Looks like bamboo but grows by river beds

Bamboo grows in India

Bamboo grows in India



BRAG events planned during the 21-22 school year could not have happened without the BRMS community. We wanted to take a moment to thank you all! With your financial gifts and time volunteering, we were able to offer a welcome back breakfast, a cross country snack shack, an online auction, staff appreciation days, a 5/6 party, several student treat days, and we were able to support our Spectrum Sleep Out participants with a pizza reward. Please consider joining us in the fall!

Browns River Action Group (BRAG), the parent teacher organization at BRMS, helps promote student self-esteem, supports school staff, and assists in efforts to solve school needs through volunteering and fundraising. Reach us at [email protected]

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