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Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

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Support Services

Our Mission

Browns River Middle School is committed to providing appropriate educational services to students within inclusive settings. Each instructional team consists of core content teachers, special educators, para-educators, and/or supplemental support staff. An inclusive model serves our goal to provide students with the necessary supports to successfully learn with their peers in a regular education classroom.

An inclusive model benefits the academic, emotional, and social growth and well being of all students. This approach provides opportunities for school personnel to collaborate in order to meet the diverse instructional needs of students.


Holly Nicolle, Team Epic and Team Energy (5th grade)
Robin Clokey, Team Endurance (5th/6th grade)
Shelley Maynard, Team Couloir and Team Momentum (6th grade)
Brian Wightman, Team Journey (7th grade)
Jon Berliner, Team Vivace (8th grade)
Jenn Cote, Team Fusion (7th/8th grade)
Kim Lesny, Team Evolve (5th - 8th grade)
Jason Achilich, Team Evolve (5th - 8th grade)
Jackie Stoner, Speech and Language Pathologist
Mary Wright, School Psychologist